Interview at Yodo1: Atomic Scaling, The Secret to Huge Growth with Small Teams

Mar 29, 2024

I'm thrilled to share an exciting interview with you today, courtesy of Yodo1. We had a fantastic conversation diving into the concept of Atomic Scaling. Together, we explored the art of managing small yet highly effective teams, capable of turning innovative ideas into resounding success. 

Read the extract here:

'Unlock the secrets to monumental growth with insights drawn from industry juggernauts like Supercell and Twitch. Ludovic Bodin's exploration of Atomic Scaling reveals how compact teams in the gaming sphere have achieved staggering success, raking in billions in revenue. This transformative approach isn't just for gamers—it's a game-changer for entrepreneurs, game developers, and business enthusiasts alike, offering a blueprint for smartly scaling any venture.


  1. Atomic Scaling Principles: Learn how to amplify growth with minimal team expansion.

  2. Gaming Industry Triumphs: Delve into success stories and invaluable lessons from leaders like Supercell and Twitch.

  3. AI and Data Strategies: Uncover the pivotal role of AI and data analytics in driving modern business strategies.

Who Should Tune In:

Entrepreneurs, business owners, game developers, tech investors, and anyone seeking innovative growth strategies. Whether you're aiming to disrupt industries or refine existing business models, Ludovic Bodin's insights into Atomic Scaling will equip you with the tools to propel your venture to unprecedented heights.'

Watch the full interview:


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