Hi - I’m Ludovic Bodin, Entrepreneur and Investor, Author of Atomic Scaling the book and Creator of the 3P3R Method® and Atomic Scaling Framework®. 

Over the past decade, I’ve invested in business ranging from gaming companies in California, Live streaming and entertainment co in China, FinTech in Hong Kong, new hydrogen-powered car company, fan-engagement company in Malta, e-commerce in Shenzhen, AI Platform as a Service in Paris, Longevity company in New York City. 

As the COVID pandemic began, I recognized that technology firms were poised to thrive despite the challenges. Indeed, my investments paid off, with two of my companies reaching unicorn status since then, a trend I see continuing.

The global pivot to a digital-centric existence has only accelerated, with those adopting a digital-first approach outpacing their traditional counterparts.

By mastering the digital-first strategy—spanning prediction to production—companies can outshine their rivals.

My new book, "Atomic Scaling," shares the operational wisdom of digital trailblazers to aid businesses and leaders in scaling effectively, emulating the success of elite gaming and tech teams.

Through my masterclasses and coaching, I enable entrepreneurs and multinational corporations across continents to engage in the business game with the same fun and success as the tech and gaming giants. 



Ludovic Bodin 
Entrepreneur & Investor 
Author of Atomic Scaling® 
and creator of the 3P3R Method® 

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