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(while remaining a small team)

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"If a small team from Finland can launch a global phenomenon like Angry Birds and get over 5 billion downloads, then you can do it too!

Ludovic Bodin's Atomic Scaling is your ultimate playbook for unlocking explosive growth in your business. Get ready to level up, make history, and reach new heights!"

Peter Vesterbacka


Former Mighty Eagle at Rovio, creators of Angry Birds

"I am happy to see all these learnings combined in one book to help future entrepreneurs, not just in the games industry but all industries."


Ilkka Paananen


Co-founder & CEO of Supercell

"Ludovic Bodin's Atomic Scaling provides an insightful framework and invaluable lessons that shed light on how gamers are driving the future of entertainment, technology, and society".

Kevin Lin
Co-founder of Twitch

"Ludovic Bodin's Atomic Scaling is a must-read for any entrepreneur looking to take their business to the next level".

Christine Comaford
New York Times Bestselling Author of "Power Your Tribe", "Smart Tribes" & "Rules for Renegades"

I’m Ludovic Bodin

Over two decades, I've launched and funded numerous tech ventures, many achieving unicorn status with valuations over a billion dollars. Working closely with entrepreneurs, I've distilled the essence of how top tech companies scale efficiently without significantly increasing team size, resulting in outstanding profitability.

This experience led to the identification of six critical pillars that high-performing teams leverage for scaling. My 266-page book, "Atomic Scaling," elaborates on these pillars within the 3P3R Framework.

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Inside of this book, I'm going to share with you …


PILLAR #1: Atomic Scaling - PEOPLE

How to become a High-Performing Team? What it means and what it takes.


PILLAR #2: Atomic Scaling - PREDICTION

How to become Data-Centric and Prediction focused?


PILLAR #3: Atomic Scaling - PLAYBOOK

How to align and communicate strategy to win?


PILLAR #4: Atomic Scaling - REVENUE

How to multiply revenue with Free offerings?


PILLAR #5: Atomic Scaling - REACH

How to acquire new customers and form a community?


PILLAR #6: Atomic Scaling - RETENTION

How to retain and increase profits from customers?

Ready to Scale your business and master the 6 Pillars?


"Atomic Scaling is a game-changing asset that offers effective strategies for achieving exponential growth and success in the digital age".


Alain Crozier
Former CEO of Microsoft, China

 "Atomic Scaling is a must-read for entrepreneurs and industry professionals. Small and independent teams of high talent help us to scale our businesses, tapping into our collective strengths and propelling us to new heights as a united force in the industry!"


Touko Tahkokallio


Former Game Designer (Boom Beach & HayDay) & Game Lead at Supercell

"Atomic Scaling is a treasure trove of lessons for gaming and non-gaming founders. Great insights to help navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship."


Joseph Kim


Co-founder at Lila Games & Gamemakers

“A must-have playbook for anyone seeking to redefine the rules of the game. 'Atomic Scaling' offers powerful insights from the gaming industry's unprecedented success, providing a roadmap for achieving breakthrough results."


Verne Harnish


Founder of Entrepreneurs' Organization (EO) & Scaling Up


“This amazing book is loaded with money-making ideas and insights on success ever discovered. It will make you rich, faster than you ever thought possible.”


Brian Tracy


Speaker and Bestselling Author of “Eat That Frog!” "The Psychology of Selling” and “Goals”


 “A well-written book gives the reader the ability to peek into an author's mind. You do not want to miss the chance to peek into the mind of Ludovic Bodin. In 25 years of studying creativity across the world and after interviewing some of the most creative people on the planet, I can honestly say that Ludovic mind is arguably the sharpest and brightest mind I have had the privilege of learning from. Do not miss this chance to learn from him too.”


Fredrik Härén


Author of "The Idea Book"


Who is this book for?

[ This is for the Entrepreneur or Executive who … ]

Scaling a business, especially for the first time, can be overwhelming.

"Atomic Scaling" offers a guide to demystifying this process. It provides strategies for introducing clarity and simplicity into your business, establishing a systematic approach to scaling. By adopting a clear Business Operating System and consistent rules across your organization, this book shows you how to effectively grow a company poised to succeed.

Feeling uncertainty about your business's growth trajectory?

"Atomic Scaling" offers a solution. Rather than feeling lost about your next steps, this book provides a blueprint for a consistent, effective growth strategy. It's a method that has guided numerous entrepreneurs towards successful expansion.

Constrained by outdated models? 

"Atomic Scaling" provides a roadmap for businesses  guiding them to embrace a digital-native approach. This shift offers a refreshing perspective and a renewed sense of motivation, positioning your business for success in the digital era. 

Desires to jumpstart growth and lessons? 

As a forward-thinking entrepreneur, you understand the benefit of learning from those who have already achieved growth, realizing that their insights can significantly expedite your own journey and deepen your understanding.

This is for entrepreneurs who not only understand the value of mentorship and knowledge but are also ready to put this into practice. It's about taking decisive action, not just discussing growth and scaling, but actively using the information to drive real change.

For those unwilling to operate in misaligned organizations, this book guides you away from the unproductive 'infinite game' of unclear goals and office politics. It provides a definitive playbook for scaling effectively and winning as an organization, focusing on data-driven strategies and growth without the constant need for expanding your team.

If You're an Entrepreneur or Executive and You Want to Scale your business without necessarily building a large team …

This book is going to give you the clarity and understanding you need.

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Get your copy of the book now!

"Behind every successful game is a successful business. 'Atomic Scaling' offers the strategies and the ultimate blueprint that have propelled the gaming industry forward."

Cevat Yerli


Co-Founder of Crytek and FarCry. CEO of The TMRW Foundation

"Amidst limited capital availability and the AI boom, I've gotta say, 'Atomic Scaling' is super relevant right now.

Definitely worth checking out!"


Julie Zhuo


Co-Founder at Sundial, Author of "The Making of a Manager", ex-VP Design at Facebook (Meta)

"Ludovic is a highly experienced operator who has seen what few founders have.

Perhaps as a result, I found 'Atomic Scaling' to be packed with smart tips from the gaming world that you can actually use to make your company bigger and better, without spending a ton of money. It's super easy to read and full of stories that show you how to do things right.

Whether you're starting a new game or trying to make your small team do big things. It's like a cheat code for business success."

Adam Gries 
Founder at

"Ludovic Bodin's Atomic Scaling is a game-changing playbook for gamers and entrepreneurs, empowering them with the principles to unlock unprecedented success in any industry, making it a must-read for those looking to leverage their gaming expertise for exponential growth".


Ralf Reichert
Co-founder & Chairman of ESL

“Atomic Scaling offers actionable insights by using real-world case studies to drive your business's impact and profitability.

For anyone interested in scaling out their team's impact and not their size, this is a must-read."

Matt Stonkus
Senior Data Analyst at Phoenix Labs, formerly at Electronic Arts (EA) & Hootsuite

“I've been an avid reader of books in the gaming genre. After reading John Romero's book "Doom Guy: Life in first person" I was looking for the next best book in the genre.

Ludovic's book hits the spot on learning from the gaming industry and how we can apply it all in other industries. Highly recommend reading it."


Neel Sapre
International Growth Strategist at Google

"Every game designer should understand what it takes to succeed in the highly competitive gaming sector. Atomic Scaling provides incredible insight into what it takes to start and grow a successful game! Ludovic has a wealth of experience in the gaming sector and his knowledge from the development side and the business side gives him a unique perspective on the gaming industry."


Minh "Gooseman" Le
Game Designer & Co-Creator of Counter-Strike

 "Games have pioneered technology (3D graphics, new input devices) and business models (free to play, microtransactions) for decades. Ludovic Bodin's Atomic Scaling is a captivating and enlightening journey into the remarkable growth of the gaming industry, offering invaluable lessons for all. It's a call to take gaming seriously and a blueprint for achieving exponential growth in any industry."


Charles Huang


Co-founder of Guitar Hero Activision

"The gaming industry is one of the fastest-growing and most exciting sectors in which to launch a business or build a career. This book is an amazing resource for any entrepreneur looking to understand the transformative power of focused, talented teams. It demonstrates that, with the right approach, small groups can achieve extraordinary things in the gaming industry and beyond."


James LaLonde


Co-founder & Co-CEO at Yodo1

"Atomic Scaling showcases how small teams can dream and achieve big, serving as the definitive guide for mastering digital growth."


Duncan Clark


Bestselling Author of "Alibaba: The House That Jack Ma Built"


"For entrepreneurs hungry to learn from fast-paced, savvy fellow founders, Atomic Scaling is a must read."


Rich Robinson


Entrepreneur-in-Residence at Animoca Brands


"Atomic Scaling illuminates the path to unicorn status for startups, revealing many growth secrets of the video game industry."


Jason Zhao


Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers


"I love seeing small teams build big things. This book embodies the idea of leverage and provides tactics for leaders looking to do a lot with a little."


Eric Jorgenson


CEO of Scribe Media Author of “The Almanack of Naval Ravikant” and “The Anthology of Balaji”


"Atomic Scaling is a breath of fresh air in a world that has gone crazy for startups. In contrast to the Blitzscaling approach that has bred swift but precarious growth, this book lays out the foundations for a leaner and more sustainable way to scale hyper-growth. As a CMO who has gone from the gaming industry to working with startups across SaaS, fintech, consumer and AI, I've seen the way gaming principles are starting to infiltrate all kinds of startups. Ludovic's book is the most comprehensive analysis I've seen of how this can be applied to every aspect of building long-term, enduring companies."


Oliver Lo


Fractional CMO, Former VP Marketing at Sequoia Capital


“In the advent of AI empowering a single entrepreneur to build a billion-dollar company, Atomic Scaling offers the perfect playbook from the gaming world on how small teams can achieve exponential growth.”


George Godula


Founder & Chairman of Web2Asia


"As an investment banker turned internet & AI entrepreneur, I find it fascinating to delve into Atomic Scaling and learn about the principles behind scaling businesses while keeping the team small."


Song Li


PhD, founder & former CEO of, Asia’s largest online dating service platform


"From my background in the creative industry, I've always valued smaller teams. Atomic Scaling delivers the digital-age formula for scaling your business exponentially while maintaining team small."

Dirk Eschenbacher


Former Creative Director at Ogilvy & OmniCom Creative Entrepreneur


 "Atomic Scaling by Ludovic Bodin is a compelling and thought-provoking book that illuminates the innovative strategies driving the gaming industry's remarkable growth, and offers valuable lessons for companies seeking to stay ahead of the curve in a rapidly-evolving marketplace."

Socrate Lao


COO of Societe Generale, China


‘As Atomic Scaling reveals the success recipee of the gaming industry, we realize it actually presents a working implementation of LEAN Six Sigma, built from first principles to fit that hyperscale, playful, fast paced & data-driven industry. This packed and practical book applies to all industries of the 21st century, especially to all these non-manufacturing processes that were still missing their silver bullet toolbox.”

Jerome Clerambault


Digitalization expert & Lean Six Sigma black belt, Airbus


"I wish I had had this book 10 years ago, when we founded GetLinks Inc. Good market timing with great operations execution can only get you so far. You still need to make magic, and transform your products into a business that can serve the people at scale. And that is where Atomic Scaling comes in.”

Djoann Fal

Co-Founder of GetLinks & Atlas Ventures


"I had the great opportunity to be part of Ludovic’s Atomic Scaling workshop and I must say it was truly eye-opening! Apart from learning new strategic frameworks and unconventional ways of rapidly growing our digital business, his sessions allowed our team to think out of the box, dream bigger and ensure that our mission to provide a sustainable business for our customers will be carried out.”

Joyce Reyes 

Business Unit Head @ BiliDaily


"Ludovic is an insightful person who not only has given me guidelines in how to structure an online business but has also shattered old outdated models of thinking that were blocking our progress. Conversations with Ludovic will revolutionize your paradigm”

Jason Shields

World Champion Brazilian Ju-Jitsu


"From the humble beginnings of ZeptoLab with just a duo and our candy-loving monster, to achieving over 2.5 billion downloads worldwide, our journey mirrors the transformative strategies Ludovic presents in 'Atomic Scaling'. This book is a masterclass in exponential growth, resonating deeply with our experience of expanding from a small team to a global franchise with just 130 people, making 'Atomic Scaling' an essential read for entrepreneurs aiming to leave a mark on the world." 

Misha Lyalin

CEO of Zepto Lab, maker of "Cut the Rope"


"I was skeptical at first. How can a traditional brick-and-mortar wholesale business like ours apply the lessons from gaming? But I and our team of almost 30 were floored.

Ludovic Bodin's Atomic Scaling widened our perspectives and showed us innovative ways of engaging our customers and achieving exponential growth.


 Tina Santos  
CEO at SuySing

"The Atomic Scaling program from Ludovic is literally and figuratively a "game-changer." It immersed me and my key managers in the mindset of the gaming industry and opened our consciousness to the possibilities of integrating this into our workflows, particularly in terms of product development and marketing. This is a must-have for any business organization, particularly those who want to enter new markets and expand their reach.”

Jaime Noel Santos

President/Co-founder Thames International Education Group


"The online gaming industry paradigm is a great way to think about transforming and accelerating your business. The animation carried out by Ludovic was at the same time playful, interesting in the discovery of industry, and always contextualized to our industrial issues. Very insightful.”

Thomas Czernichow

Managing Partner at ALEIA


"In Atomic Scaling, Ludovic Bodin shares insightful lessons from the games industry and a practical playbook to inspire games companies and beyond to stay small and achieve outsize global impact."


Doug McCracken


Partner & Head of Marketing, A16Z GAMES


Atomic Scaling

The 6-Pillar Approach Entrepreneurs & Executives Use To Create Huge Growth...

(while remaining a small team).

Order the book now!