3.2.1 - Atomic Scaling: Gamification

May 16, 2024

3 Ideas


Gamify your business: go beyond gamifying your product, gamify your business. Get playful with mind maps, whiteboards, schemes and colourful diagrams. Develop your own superpowers, pick the weapons you enjoy the most and visually organise your plans


Set weekly missions: get achievements done week by week and work hard to make them done perfectly. Give yourself a 5-stars rating: what was your score this week?


Get yourself rewards: you did a good job, it is time for that gift you deserve. A reward mechanism is good for your brain, your confidence, and mood. And will boost your productivity next time


“Part of the pleasure of a crossword puzzle is the feeling of progress as you get closer to completion, bit by bit, through the meeting of small goals. This is what much of gamification is about.”

― Paul Bloom

“That’s what games are, in the end. Teachers. Fun is just another word for learning.”

― Raph Koster

1 Question

What skills are you lacking? Don’t laid back: you always have room for improvement. Focus on your education and training this year and boost your productivity to reach the next level.



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